Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Sweetest Thing

As much as I love a great scoop of ice cream on a hot sunny day, there was something about Italian gelato that took this cold treat to another level. Not knowing much about gelato to begin with, I originally thought it was more like sherbet. Well, I was wrong, it’s actually much more similar to ice cream. In addition to the amazing variety of flavorings, what makes this Italian dessert spectacular is the presentation. Gelaterias line the old streets of Italy and lure in customers at all times of day. Beautiful mounds of colorful gelatos fill coolers and are decorated in chocolate shavings and fresh fruit, making it completely irresistible. We made a point to get it each and every day. My favorite flavor was Nutella, a yummy chocolatey hazelnut combination that I ordered on multiple occasions. Italy certainly has mastered this fabulous afternoon snack.

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