Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Since I've been back from Italy, I just can't get enough olive oil. It's got to be extra virgin, peppery, smooth, light and luxurious. I want to taste that olivey flavor and see the glossy texture as I coat arugula and tomatoes. I love it plain but wanted to try a little experiment and see what else we could do with this fantastic condiment. I decided to enhance the flavor of the oil by submerging different ingredients. The results fantastic, here are my recipes:

Herb Oil

3 springs dried rosemary
3 sprigs dried thyme
Extra virgin olive oil

Place the dried herbs in the container, pour in olive oil until well covered. Store in dark cool place.

*If you don't have dried herbs on hand, microwave fresh herbs for 2 minutes on medium high heat.
*Great to coat fish or chicken and then grill or saute.

Garlic Oil

2 heads garlic
Extra virgin olive oil

Peel garlic cloves whole. Place in container, pour olive oil until well covered. Refrigerate.

*Perfect to saute veggies in, especially spinach!

Hot Chili Oil

8-10 dried hot chili peppers
Extra virgin olive oil

Add peppers to container, pour olive oil until well covered and container is full. Store in dark cool place.

*An excellent flavor addition to fish or veggies when you want an extra flavor kick!

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