Sunday, September 26, 2010

The beginning.

And so it has continued…my venture into the culinary world. After discovering that I am not well suited as a slave in an office (had an internship with an event planning company where I made copies and filed things) I discovered my haven in yet another kitchen. After working in two other kitchens (Natalia’s – Macon, GA and East/West- Athens, GA) as well as hostessing at Wildfire Atlanta, I have settled into the lovely kitchen of The National in Athens, GA.

Peter Dale is one of the owners and the executive chef. I met him last year after he helped plan and prepare Theta’s Parents Weekend dinner for all of our friends. The meal was ridiculously fabulous so I knew I had to work with him. He went to undergraduate with Rebecca Lang, the other woman I intern for who is a cookbook author and regular on Southern Living’s cooking shows. It is so funny how everything falls into place.

I have been at the National for two weeks now, but I have only worked 3 days (I am only working on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I have class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). So far it has been an unbelievable experience, especially compared to the previous internship as an office prisoner. I am starting to feel like I am finally acquainted with the kitchen and comfortable with the other staff members. They are all so helpful and positive. They work well as a team and are constantly constructively criticizing each other’s food in a way that is not awkward or negative at all.

The dishes here are unbelievable. All fresh ingredients make up the creative dishes on their menu. The menu has such a variety of plates, it is hard to keep track of them all, but I am getting there. I’ve tasted a few things here and there, but the only thing I have really eaten is a Cuban sandwich, that is too good to be true. One thing Peter when “constructively criticizing” the chef was “Let’s maybe use a little less meat, remember Cuba is a poor country,” Well whatever she changed I adored because it was delicious. I think it has pork some sort of cheese and pickles on thick bread., basically yummy!! In addition to prepping a TON of vegetables, I have made chicken salad base, orzo salad, shrimp stock (had to do this twice because didn’t put a pot under the strainer first go round), marinated grilled eggplant, tomato soup, grilled chicken and vichyssoise. Vichyssoise is a French soup made from pureed onions or leeks, potatoes, cream, chicken stock and seasonings, garnished with chives and typically served cold.

I have already learned so much, it is hard to think tomorrow will only be Day 4. I’ll be trying to continue as much as possible so that you can follow my journey onward in this fabulous industry.

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