Monday, June 20, 2011


Curry, tumeric, and ginger powders sat open on the counter. Basmati rice cooked on the stove next to a lamb stew perfuming a variety of spices throughout the kitchen. The Indian themed party was spectacular. The menu included samosas filled with curried chicken and vegetables, fish over basmati rice, a soup with apples and chicken, fish marinated in a tandoori sauce, lamb stew with yogurt, and sweet fritters soaked in cardamom rose water. Everything was delicious (we got to eat the leftovers!). Although I don't tend to love Indian cuisine, this menu was a hit. The night included a live performance from Lizzy May & Ashanti strings. They were amazing! Even though I am in Italy, I felt like I was transported to India for a fantastic evening.

Pictured is the Apple and Chicken Soup with Parsley Cream.

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