Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just a few interesting facts...

  • Italians don't always refrigerate their eggs. Keeping them out on the counter makes them the perfect temperature for baking.
  • We make fresh bread at each shift. The same dough is used to make several different kinds. One is stuffed with walnuts, another with cheese, another with olives, and a plain one. All incredibly delicious and baked each day.
  • The lard we use to wrap the filet comes from Colonatta, a nearby area that is the only place in the world that produces this kind of meat.
  • Placemats are incredibly important here. We set them out at the family meal before each shift.
  • Going green is no trend here. They are serious about keeping our planet going strong. So we separate the trash into organic, paper, and plastic in the kitchen.
  • To keep the food warm after it's been plated, we dip the plates in boiling water before it is served.

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