Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Tomorrow morning at 6 am I board the train for Rome! I am so excited to visit such an amazing city. My boyfriend is going to meet me there and we are going to see all the sites together. I tried not to over-plan our trip, but being as OCD as I am I couldn't help but detail every second of our itinerary. We are going to see the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, The Arch of Constantine, Roman Forum, Sistine Chapel, etc. If it's in Rome I will see it! Not only am I thrilled about all the touristy sites Rome has to offer, I also can't wait to eat more Italian food! I know I'll come back with tons of material for the blog. Because I will be in vacation mode, I'm taking the week off of Marinating Me and coming back July 4th with tons of mouthwatering pictures and recipes all from ITALIA!

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