Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Entrée

Clients begin each meal at Il Bottaccio with the entrée course. This entrance dish is served soon after they are seated. It changes fairly regularly according to the chef's choice or what we have in stock. Usually we serve a vegetable soup topped with a variety of garnishes. Sometimes it's pan seared shrimp in a tomato sauce, other times it is sauteed mushrooms, or even fois gras. We've also done an avocado cream with deep fried fish medallions on top. Unlike the American association with the term entrée, this is a small complimentary dish that precedes the main courses.

The other night we run out of the vegetable puree we use to make the vegetable soup. Chef Nino got incredibly creative and came up with a salad unlike any I've ever seen. He combined avocado with pear and parmesan tossed in a light lemony dressing and then finished with balsamic reduction. I was shocked as to how beautifully these flavors came together. It's always interesting to see what we will come up with for this course. Because it is not ordered by the clients there is a huge range for creative ideas to flow!

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