Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Celebrating the Sweet

Yesterday was Valentina's birthday. Valentina is the sweet Albanian pastry chef who speaks no English. She works her heart out making bread for each shift, preparing brioche and homemade cakes for breakfast, and creating each dessert during service. Everything sweet in the kitchen comes from her hands and I certainly can't get enough! To celebrate her birthday I made White Chocolate Bread Pudding with Banana Foster's Sauce. This is one of the first recipes I learned while working at Natalia's for my senior project in high school. If you've ever been to Natalia's and enjoyed this dessert you know just how rich and luscious it is. However if you haven't had the chance to taste this one way ticket to heaven, let me know, I'll make it for you. I made it twice, one for her to take home and one for the others' to eat. Everyone left the shift very very happy. This is what I love about cooking, it brings people together. Although we can't all understand each other, food defies the language barrier and bonds us in a way nothing else can.

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