Thursday, July 7, 2011

Favorite Things Friday


I loved these in America, but in Italy they seem to be on some sort of steroid. They line the entrance to Il Bottaccio and are all in full bloom. The blossoms are so much larger than any I've ever seen. They also come in a much greater variety of colors. Confession: I pick a little one every now and then to keep in my room, it always brightens my day!

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Italians have somewhat of an obsession with this formaggio. Always referred to as Philadelphia (never cream cheese) they use it on bread, in pastas, or to fill celery like we do! Last night they made Seafood Roll Ups with smoked salmon and swordfish filled with Philadelphia, parsley, and my next favorite thing truffle oil. Delicious!

White Truffle Oil

The scent of this liquid makes me stop breathing. Lauren, Jenn, and I fell in love with it our first trip to Italy in March. After going to Rome I am now utterly obsessed. When we were at the Campo dei Fiora market they had hundreds of different kinds including a white truffle balsamic reduction. Once I'm back in the States I'm going to do some recipe testing to discover how to make this outstanding condiment.

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