Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Infinite Dinner

Taking advice again from Frommer's Travel Guide, we found this delightful restaurant in a side street near Piazza Campo de' Fiori. Luckily we had made a reservation as we bypassed a growing line outside the restaurant. We were greeted by the Paolo Fazi, the chef behind the magic. With her hair wrapped in a white turban she guided us to our table. Within seconds, plates of antipasto and pitchers of wine were before us. There were meats, tomatoes, olives, lentils, bread, and crispy lemon fritters. We enjoyed every bite while loving the atmosphere- a crowded front patio where conversation flowed as heavily as the wine. Our waiter never really talked to us, just asking us when we were finished so they could clear our plates and bring on the next course. The antipasto, was of course followed by pasta, a seemingly 100 cheese penne with a perfected cream sauce. I loved the challenge of determining what exactly it was we were eating as there was no menu in sight. Next came the secondi piatti (main course) of chicken, pork, spinach, and potato chips. Italian spinach is actually much more bitter than what we are used to in America. The mozzarella though was heavenly, I think I'll always say that about mozzarella. I'm in love. We finished up with a slice of creamy pie and a shot of some sort of juice also known as a digestif that helps aid digestion. We passed on coffee, but gladly welcomed a second pitcher of wine. The food and atmosphere was an amazing experience that concluded the trip well. And for only 25 euros a person, I'd go back in a heart beat!

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