Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The List

After I turn on the burners and get chef's station ready, I make THE LIST. I go through the reach in (the refrigerated box that stays on the counter) to see what essential ingredients are missing. These include tomatoes (prepared two ways), garlic, onions, grated parmesan, butter, and parsley. Then I check the contorni (side vegetables or decoration) which involves carrots, zucchini, gratin potatoes, and tomatoes. And finally I check the stocks and juices- we have vegetable stock, tomato juice (fresh and canned), mussel juice, and clam juice.

If we are running slightly low on anything it goes on THE LIST. I will also add other tasks like cleaning out the walk in or making food for the workers and personnel so that we are sure not to forget important parts of the job.

I've found that making this keeps us focused and more efficient. Understanding the big picture of everything that needs to get done during the shift helps for time management. Although sometimes I have to write it in half English half Italian, we always seem to get it all done at the end of the day. Plus, I love lists so why wouldn't I think this is amazing protocol!

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